Seeking Work

Many International Schools have a high turnover of staff. There are a plethora of reasons for this, but the good news for teachers and administrators is that there are always new opportunities available in the sector.

As part of our mission to serve the international education community, we offer a free service to teachers seeking work in the sector, and will happily share your CV/Resume on our website, so that potential employers can reach out directly to those looking for work. Whether you are looking for your first international post, or are an experienced teacher in the sector, this is the place to share your information.

Teachers seeking work

Farha-Naaz is an English teacher seeking work in an international school. She has experience of working with the English National Curriculum at KS3, KS4, and KS5. She is particularly interested in working in the Middle East.

Peter Hammond is an experience Mathematics teacher looking for a fresh challenge in an international school. His expertise covers all content areas of high school Mathematics and Physics, with experience of Cambridge International and the English National Curriculum. He is currently based in China.

Osman Mahmood is a British national and is Swiss educated. He has worked in various organizations. His previous role was Regional Manager taking care of the Middle East region for Admissions, Business Development and Marketing. He seeks new opportunities in the international education sector.

Mobin Baby is an Indian teacher seeking work in the international education sector. He currently works as Head of Boarding, and teaches Geography. He has experience with IGCSE and has a Cat 2 IB certificate. He has previously worked as a School’s Coordinator and HOD. Mobin Baby holds a Masters Degree and a Bachelor of Education. He is an IBDP examiner for Geography and currently works in India.

Sher Nawab and Sadia Sher are a teaching couple seeking work in the international education sector. Sher Nawab is a learner centered, innovative teaching professional having Master degree in Physics and B.Ed with a genuine interest in students having more than 10 years teaching experience of different levels. He currently works in Bahrain as Head of Middle School, and has previously worked in China. He has experience of Cambridge programmes.

Sadia Sher is an enthusiastic, effective. passionate Economics teacher and was Head of Humanities Department. She has Master degree in Economics, and a B. Ed. She with a proven record of helping children progress, providing positive learning experiences as well as building and maintaining effective behavior management systems. She is currently working in Bahrain, and worked previously in China.