Multiple Intelligences are not Learning Styles!

Be careful of the long-debunked pseudoscience of learning styles. There is no research evidence of their veracity. However, Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences is not synonymous with Learning Styles. Gardner himself has gone to great lengths to highlight the differences, and to distance himself from the idea of learning styles. In this article from the Washington Post, Gardner himself explains how “Multiple Intelligences are not Learning Styles.”¬†Washington Post: Multiple Intelligences are not Learning Styles (Howard Gardner)

There is no excuse for leaders in the international sector to be still peddling this nonsense or other ridiculous notions such as Left Brain v Right Brain or “You only use 10% of your brain”. There are still a number of neuromyths prevalent in schools around the world.

Many in education recognise the importance of teaching students to think critically but at the same time, uncritically accept unsubstantiated myths often generated by charlatans looking to make a fast buck from the multimillion-dollar business of education. The fields of psychology and neuroscience can aid schools in helping students, but it is essential to view claims with a critical eye.

Is the claim being sold as a silver bullet?

What is the evidence behind it?

Does it sound too simple?

Hopefully, as these neuromyths die out, they can be replaced with practical suggestions to best help students, that are backed up by credible research.